2020-01-11 17:03
SSH Back to Raspberry Pi - Android HotSpot

Connecting back to a Pi - using few common tricks, streamlined and optimized, lead to a very effective way to manage a Raspberry Pi in a headless or embedded configuration.

2019-07-20 08:48
Buildroot Raspberry Pi 4

Buildroot is a common embedded systems image preparation environment. I've extended it to support Raspberry Pi 4 - and documented the tweaks which cast some light under the hood of Buildroot and Raspberry Pi 4.

2019-07-09 22:27
Raspberry Pi 4 B+ - PCI Express

Connecting external PCI Express devices to Raspberry Pi 4 B+ - the cheapest device that is PCIe capable after a relatively minor modification.

2017-05-14 08:32
WCry 2.0 Attack - Knowns and Unknowns

UK infosec community has been plunged into a surprising weekend. Around 3pm BST on Friday, phones started ringing with information on the ransomware attack on the National Health Service.